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The full 2017 issue of the BJH is found by clicking on the cover to the left. Individual articles can be read using the links below.

Genocide vs. Gynocide (Link)
Intersectional Identities and Sexual Violence Within Conflict
Gillen Martin

Just Say No (Link)
Fiction, Documentary, and the In-Between in Pablo Larrain’s No (2012)
Spencer Roth-Rose

Private Financing, Public Possession (Link)
The High Line
Kathryn Scott

“I Keep Such Music In My Brain” (Link)
Masculinity, Music Therapy, and Psychoanalysis in WWI and the Gendered Roots of Scientific Legitimacy
Edward Kai Yan Tie

Trapped in the m.A.A.d. City (Link)
Colonizing Compton
Hal Triedman