The submissions period for the 2020 issue of the Journal is currently closed.

The Brown Journal of History accepts research papers with a minimum length of 12 pages. We ask that papers longer than 35 pages be excerpted for submission (e.g. a chapter written for a thesis is welcome for consideration). Papers must be history related but do not need to be from a history course. As the Journal is an intramural publication, papers must be written by a Brown undergraduate or visiting student. Submitted papers must not have been previously submitted to the Journal nor have been selected for publication elsewhere.

Every paper submitted to the Brown Journal of History is carefully reviewed by a team of four to six editors. The editors judge submissions based on topic and thesis originality, thesis clarity, primary and secondary source engagement, and writing style. Submissions that receive the highest ranking by editors are reviewed by the Editors-in-Chiefs prior to selection. Authors’ names and concentrations are removed from all papers upon submission to ensure impartial review.

Further questions on submission policies can be directed to